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School Meals

Breakfast Information

Meals are subject to changed based on availability

Breakfast will be served until 8:10 a.m. (unless on a late bus). Students arriving after this time should eat breakfast before arrival and will need to go straight to class. Carline students arriving after 8:10 a.m. will not be allowed to eat breakfast.

Snacks and Food

Snacks are not part of our schools daily instructional schedule, however, snacks may be allowed in classrooms at the teacher’s discretion. Items not allowed as snacks are carbonated drinks, sunflower seeds and ramen noodles. Candy (including suckers) and Gum are not allowed for any reason (including a reward incentive). Snacks will not be allowed into the cafeteria or taken onto the playground after lunch.

Select a menu to view meals. 

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.