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Dress Code


Abney Learning Community students are required to wear uniforms to school every day, unless a designated dress down day has been offered. Students must follow the St. Tammany Parish guidelines when wearing “free dress” attire. Our PTA sells spirit shirts which can be worn on Fridays and our various clubs and grade levels also offer shirts that can be worn on designated days.

Girls may wear khaki shorts, skorts (skirts with shorts attached underneath), pants, or jumpers. The minimum length is at the fingertip when standing erect with arms extended down the sides as stated in the St. Tammany Parish Handbook. Clothing items that are too tight are not permissible. No jeggings or patterned/neon leggings are allowed at any time. This rule applies to boys as well.

Boys may wear khaki shorts or pants as long as they conform to the parish dress code policy–baggy pants that will not stay up at the waistline are not allowed. All shorts and pants should be secured at waist level. For males, the length of the hair may not fall below the base of a collared shirt or past the eyebrows. Longer hair must be secured in a manner that does not allow the hair to touch the collar (i.e. higher ponytail).

Boys and Girls may wear undershirts underneath the school uniform shirt. The undershirt should not hang below the hem of the uniform shirt or the uniform sleeve. School spirit shirts can be purchased through the PTA and can be worn on Fridays. Short or long sleeve T-shirts, turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks may be worn underneath the short sleeve uniform shirt, but must match the color (hunter green and heather grey,) or the uniform shirt and not decorated in any manner.

Kindergarten-5th grade uniform consists of a hunter green or heather gray polo-type shirt and khaki (cotton or twill) bottoms. The Abney logo is optional. The bottoms must be plain khaki, and may not contain any logos and/or stripes on them.

Prekindergarten uniform consists of a red polo-type shirt and khaki (cotton or twill) bottoms. The Abney logo is optional. The bottoms must be plain khaki, and may not contain any logos and/or stripes on them.

Jackets: Winter outerwear (jackets, coats, sweaters,) must zip, snap, or button from top to bottom. Pullover sweatshirts or jackets are permitted if they are plain hunter green or heather grey without hoods. Abney Elementary outerwear is acceptable. Jackets worn in class must be uniform color with no hood.

Due to safety issues, earrings should not hang lower than one (1) inch. Hoods, hats, caps, and bandanas are not to be worn on campus during regular school hours. Hoods or winter hats may be worn outdoors while on campus during inclement weather (below 40 degrees), but must be removed when entering the building.  Sculptured hair styles will not be permitted, which includes Mohawks and Mohawk-style haircuts. Pictures, symbols, letters, numbers, etc. will not be permitted.  Ornate headbands, such as cat ears, are not allowed, as they can be a potential safety hazard. Headbands on the forehead are also not allowed. For your child’s safety, appropriate shoes should be worn for the classroom and the playground. Tennis shoes should be worn on Physical Education days. All shoes must have a back and a rubber sole. Slip-on style shoes, cleats, slides or high heeled shoes or boots, are not appropriate for school. Please refer to the District Handbook for Students and Parents for additional information regarding dress code policies. Uniform checks will be performed periodically during the school year. Please be sure that your student(s) meet the uniform guidelines at all times.


Students should wear SOLID colored tights undershorts/skirts/dresses.

Makeup is not allowed for any students


It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to check the student book bag each morning before school for inappropriate items being brought to school. Examples of these are cell phones, toys, electronic devices, and look-alike guns or knives.