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Your child's School Counselor and MHP are

available for support during the extended school closure.

Please reach out to them via email if needed.

Mrs. Stokes Rachel.Stokes@stpsb.org

Mrs. Amy Amy.Schmidt@stpsb.org



1. Use LOGIC to make the worry less powerful

2. Lock worries away in a strong box in your mind and make them wait for WORRY TIME

3. Tell the worry GO AWAYwhen it pops into your head.

4. Re-set your system with ACTIVITY and/or RELAXATION

5. Stay strong in your mind and your body


\\Here are some ideas of what you can say

to help your children with their worried


1. I’m here with you; you’re safe.

2. Do you want to do some physical activity to get rid of

\\your worried energy?

3. Tell me about it.

4. What would you like to say to your worries? What

\\would they say back?

5. Let’s draw how you’re feeling.

6. I know how it feels to be scared.

7. Match your breaths to mine. (slow breathing in

\\through your nose out through your mouth)

8. Let’s think of some endings for what can happen …
\\(anxious, goofy and realistic)

9. Can I worry about this for you?

10. Close your eyes and think of a happy place.


Calm App: www.calm.com
This digital format is appealing to kids and they may be
more receptive to a calming break.

Yoga: Cosmic Kids www.cosmickids.com

Mindfulness: Mind Yeti www.mindyeti.com



24-hour crisis lines available:
“ Keep Calm Through COVID” Hotline Counseling

1-800-273-TALK ---National Suicide Prevention Hotline
Teen Crisis Text 504-777-3273 (24/7)

Your Counselors Care about You

and We Miss you!!!

We can’t wait ‘til we can see you again!!!
Ms. Rachel and Ms. Amy


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