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There have been changes to the carline procedures for Abney Elementary and Abney Elementary Early Childhood Center. Please review the changes for students of Abney Elementary to ensure the carline process goes smoothly:

Abney Elementary School (AES) and Abney Elementary Early Childhood Center (AEECC) will operate 2 separate carlines during the 2020-2021 school year.

• If you have students at both schools, you will need to utilize both carlines.

• Car tags will be distributed on your child’s Safe Start Day. You must display the school issued typewritten car tag on the front mirror or passenger side dashboard for release. After the Smart Start days, NO TAG, NO RELEASE without parking, and waiting until the end of carline for identity verification. Please see the back of the car tag for instructions for lost or damaged car tags.

• You must enter the carline beginning on Kostmayer Avenue (this is no change to the previous procedure)

• We will now have 8 carline stations. When pulling into the car loop, you will need to proceed all the way to the newly marked Station1, which will be close to the AES marquee.

• There will be no teachers assigned to each station in the morning or afternoon, when you have pulled into your station, please place your car in park.

• A member of the Abney Administration Team will let you know it is now okay to have your student exit the vehicle or enter your vehicle.

• Once your student exits or enters the vehicle, you MUST wait until the cars in front of you begin to pull forward before you may do so. You MAY NOT go around other cars to exit the line “out of order”.

• If you DO NOT have a student at AEECC, you must exit the carline and go straight, following Slidell Avenue, no exceptions.

If you have a student who attends AEECC, you will await direction from the crossing guard to make a right turn back onto Kostmayer Avenue to enter the AEECC carline, being sure not to block the driveway for buses to be able to safely enter the bus loop.

• We have experienced an increased number of students who will be care riders, so I would like to thank you for your patience as we work through this process.

• AEECC parents, please see the AEECC website for information specific to carline expectations.

As always, we would like to remind you not to block the driveways of any homes located on Kostmayer Avenue.



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